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Seeking Bus Tours in Hobart? Coal River Coaches Offers Luxury Vehicles and Explicit Care.

It’s the sudden stall of an engine – with a car lurching to a stop and a driver cursing from the front. From the well-worn curve of a back-seat you watch, wondering if that dense rise of smoke should cause you concern. That question is quickly answered when a series of pops and puffs echoes from under the bonnet. You hurry out of the coach, knowing that this Tasmanian adventure has been (unofficially) cancelled.

Coal River Coaches sympathises with your plight. We also provide an alternative, with our bus tours in Hobart promising painstaking care and impeccable service. We boast a fleet of luxury vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz deluxe coaches, Mitsubishi deluxe coaches, and Toyota mini-buses. Each of these boasts sleek interior styling and ample comfort, ensuring exceptional travel experiences.

They also feature the highest of maintenance standards. Before embarking on bus tours in Hobart, our Tasmanian Bus Association certified team vigorously inspects each vehicle – ensuring that they meet all national standards. This promotes both efficiency and safety on the road, allowing our clients to focus on their itineraries (not the reliability of their rental coaches).

To provide further assurance, our coaches also feature three-point seat belts and individual safety straps for those in need of handicap assistance. Our bus tours in Hobart deliver security.

To learn more about our fleet of luxury models contact Coal River Coaches today on 1300-660-144 or via our online form.

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