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Charter Bus Companies: Hobart, Tasmania

Charter Bus Companies: Hobart, Tasmania

Hire A Chartered Quality Coach in Hobart Tasmania

Hobart, Tasmania is home to many things: the cafés and galleries of Salamanca Place, the colonial-era cottages of Battery Point, and at least a few charter bus companies. So if you’re coming to Tasmania on business or as a tourist and need to take a bus, you might be confused as to what your best option is.

You certainly want to avoid having your trip through the beautiful Tasmanian landscape spoiled by tardy or sloppy drivers, and it wouldn’t do to get on a bus and then miss the scenery because a boring tour guide put you to sleep after a mere couple of minutes on the road.

Charter Bus Companies Hobart Tasmania: Coach Fleet Options 11 – 57 Seats | 500+ Groups 

Our Range of Coach & Corporate Transport Solutions: Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Coach Charters – Transport capacity for 500+ large groups with a complete in house service team
Hobart Coach Charters – Budget & cost effective coach charter hire
Hobart Coach Charters – Luxurious & high class coach charter hire
Hobart Coach Charters – Hobart airport transfers (corporate & conference groups)

Hobart Coach Charters –  Luggage Portage in our high quality lockable trailers
Hobart Coach Charters – Concierge Services (liaison on your behalf with other Tasmanian Businesses for your group event or charter tour)
Hobart Coach Charters – Wedding Party Specialists with Bridal movements
Hobart Coach Charters – Coach Dry Hire (hire a coach for your own driver & tour requirements)

Hobart Coach Charters – Professional Driver Hire
Hobart Coach Charters – Multi Day Tour Itineraries of Tasmania
Hobart Coach Charters – Seniors Travel Club that encompasses: Local, National & International Trips & Tours
Hobart Coach Charters – MTA Accredited Travel Agents
Hobart Coach Charters – Professional & Personalised Assistance to Create Your Own Tour

Charter Bus Companies: Hobart, Tasmania

Luxury Hand Built Coaches for Charter – Designed For Touring & Travel in Tasmania 

Our parent company, Coal River Coaches, is a Tasmanian family run business with over twenty five years of experience in providing quality coach charters and transfers. Our professional, friendly and uniformed staff, operates a fleet of well-maintained, modern coaches, ranging in size from 12 – 57 seats, with the full fleet able to transport up to 500+ people at once if required. We are one of the leading coach operators in Tasmania, with a large wheelchair & special needs designed coaches available.

A quick summary of our group capacity & size transport options & services:

  • Hobart Coach Charters – Small groups: from 12 to 22 people either from budget to high class luxury options available based on your requirements
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Large groups: from 30 to 57 people either from budget to high class luxury options available based on your requirements
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Full fleet capacity transport: 500+ people at once

Luxury Hand Built Coaches for Charter – Designed For Touring & Travel in Tasmania 

  • Hobart Coach Charters – Transport & Luggage Port age Trailers: Yes – a minimum of 3 high class quality (lockable) trailers
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Smallest Coach Available: 8 seats
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Largest Coach Available: 57 Seats

Luxury Hand Built Coaches for Charter – Designed For Touring & Travel in Tasmania 

  • Hobart Coach Charters – Kneeling Coaches Available: Yes + double capacity of wheelchair accessible as well
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Seat Belts Fitted: Yes – in all coaches
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Suitable For Multi Day Touring: Yes – we have great 20+ smaller touring designed coaches & our bigger best of class European style touring coaches
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Wheelchair Accessible Coaches: Yes from multiple size options
  • Hobart Coach Charters – Professional & Accredited Uniformed Drivers: Yes – your safety is our primary concern

Luxury Hand Built Coaches for Charter: Luxury 48 Seat Coach for Tours & Transfers 

Hobart Charter Hire Coaches or Buses

So what you want is a chartered bus from Hobart to your destination in Tasmania that will run on time and keep you engaged throughout the entire trip. This certainly narrows down your search somewhat, but who should you call? You might not have a chance to research every single company that offers a chartered bus in Tasmania.

Fortunately, Coal River Coaches specialises in providing exactly these services. Founded in 1993, our fully customizable schedules and our superlatively knowledgeable staff are a terrific way to ensure that your entire trip in Tasmania goes off without a single hitch.

Hobart Charter Hire Coaches or Buses

Coal River Coaches offers highly flexible itineraries to give you the very best support for your personal trip requirements. When you book one of our chartered buses, our travel specialist partners will assist you in designing a custom itinerary suited exactly to your group, and remain on hand to advise you as you plan and book the entire experience.

Whether you’re trying to get to your hotel, go out for a good meal, visit any of Tasmania’s world renowned attractions or go on a special interest tour, our chartered buses are available to make the trip. You can book us for any length of time and go to any place in Tasmania, no matter what time of year you plan to visit.

Drivers Who Are Also Superb Tour Guides: Hobart Coach Charters 

Once you plan out where you want to visit and when you want to get there, you’ll want to make sure you have an enjoyable time during the actual drive itself. For this reason, you require a driver who cares about your experience. There are many people you could hire to take you from one place to another, but not nearly as many who will know the details of every landmark on your journey and point them out to you as you pass.

Coal River Coaches teaches every member of its professional driving team to know their routes very well so that your chartered bus in Tasmania becomes a way to experience the local culture instead of just riding past it. For excitement, efficiency and a bit of education, there’s no better travel company anywhere on the island than Coal River Coaches.

Our Business Ethos: Professionalism & Guest Satisfaction

We strive to uphold our ethos of being the most professional & punctual of any coach charter or transport provider in Tasmania, but here’s some other reasons:
– Headquartered in Hobart but we provide statewide (Tasmania) coach & corporate transport options & competitive  priced solutions
– Extensive network of Tasmanian Business Associates to assist in any event capacity for your benefit
– Uniformed, friendly & engaging knowledgeable drivers that are guest focused & always punctual
– 25 years of local knowledge & experience in transport timing & transfer requirements as well as local amenity locations
– Spick & Speck luxury coaches that are perfect for any & all occasions
– 24/7 Travel & Transport Assistance while touring in Tasmania

Our Last Little Tasmanian Guarantee
We are here to both exceed your expectations & help you create the best Tasmanian Memories you can if you are visiting. We are dedicated to providing a professional experience for you.
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