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Coach Tours Tasmania

Professional Luxury Extended Coach Tours Tasmania

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Professional Luxury Extended Coach Tours Tasmania

Coal River Coaches has a number of extended coach tour itineraries that traverse the length and breadth of the state. With extended tour options ranging from 3 days to 14 days as a standard organised tour, we can provide a short and snappy experience or we can make sure you Tasmanian holiday is an immersive experience in the Tasmanian culture and lifestyle of this fantastic state.

If these extended tour itineraries dont look like your exact cup of tea, then feel free to utilise our online quote here on this web page to request a customised and detailed extend day tour quote designed with you preferences in mind. Please provide us as much detail on what you would like to see in Tasmania.

We can provide coach transport at both luxury and budget levels of experience depending on what you would like for your group. We can also provide coach tour size options from 2 people to more than 100 people at a time and even more on any extended Tasmanian coach day tours as required.

Tasmanian Extended Coach Tours: Travel Tasmania


Professional Luxury Extended Coach Tours Tasmania

Professional Luxury Extended Coach Tours Tasmania

Coal River Coaches extensive experience in providing multi day tours or extended itineraries for Tasmania has been proven time and again but the wonderful feedback, luxury coach vehicles and of course the best operational experience that guests holidaying in Tasmanian can expect.

A quick summary of our Tasmanian Extended Tour Services and Options are:

  • large group specific extended tour itineraries that work around large group numbers
  • Tasmanian Hotel or Accommodation bookings for a seamless experience in utilising on full service Tasmanian company
  • Wheelchair or assisted disabilities coach support services and travel options as one of the leading provider of wheelchair or disability travel options in Tasmania

Tasmanian Extended Coach Tours: Local Expertise 

Coal River Coaches has an extensive range of luxury and budget option coaches that are available for extended day tours around Tasmania and are regularly professionally cleaned and maintained. Our drivers are always professionally attired and present the best in Tasmanian hospitality and service as required.

Our large 50 seat coaches have been outfitted with the latest in luxury amenities with many including cloth curtains, individual air-conditioning outlets, large overhead storage, seatbelts, reclining cloth or leather high backed seats, on board microphone & tinted panoramic windows. The coaches are also able to accommodate a wide range of music options from compact disc to iPhone input.

Many of our coaches have been hand built to our exacting standards where we have utilized the experience of the last 25 years of coach operation to provide the best level of comfort that we can for you. All drivers are uniformed at all times & work to maintain only the best & most dedicated cleanliness in their coaches.

Tasmanian Extended Coach Tours: Luxury Coach Options 

With our fleet range comprising mainly Mercedes-Benz & other premium badge producers, we continue to provide the best in both standard & luxury transportation services for any & all conference or business groups coming to Tasmania & Hobart in particular.

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