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Coal River Coaches Might Just Be Hobart, Tasmania’s Finest!

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Let’s envision a series of rather plausible scenarios, shall we? For instance, you’ve planned a large group trip to Hobart, Tasmania’s stunning waterfront capital and want to get around during your stay, perhaps even do some touring of the most attractive scenery in the area. Or maybe your business group needs a way to get around to different corporate events the company has planned. Alternatively, someone’s planned their nuptials on Tasmania, and the wedding party needs an effective way to get around.

How are you going to handle it? Is there a method of transport that would fit these varied possibilities? Coal River Coaches, providers of some of the best coaches in Hobart and across Tasmania, say yes. Our Hobart coaches are known for getting the job done when it comes to group travel, and we’ve got the ability to handle a multitude of situations. Allow us to explain.

A New Standard for Coaches in Tasmania

That’s what we’re about. From humble beginnings, we’ve expanded our Hobart coaches to be able to handle all kinds of group transport situations. For example, school excursions. We started out as a business transferring children in the Richmond, Colebrook, and Hobart eastern shore areas. We know all about working with students and teachers, and how to safely transport them to their destinations. If there’s a particular place the school group needs to be, we can get them there happy, on time, and (most importantly) in one piece. No worries about coordinating all the teachers and kids, we’ve got that worked out for you.

Corporate or Conference Transport Hobart

Perhaps you’ve got a large corporate conference going on. We know how stressful those can be, and how difficult it can be to arrange for transport of large groups from the airport to the hotel, meeting areas, event venues, etc. We can get your business group around the area quickly, ensuring no delay to your events due to poor travel arrangements. We are members of Business Events Tasmania and event planning association, which keeps us clued in on the particulars of the industry. We also design Partner Programs that can help improve your business events.

Hobart Wedding Party Transports

For the wedding parties, we can offer considerable value. In addition to getting everyone to the wedding location, reception venue, or hotel, we can also provide a treat for your guests. How do you think they would take to a local tour, viewing the sights while you and the wedding party are taking care of important business? We can even decorate our coach in a personalised manner to fit your wedding. It will enhance the experience, and you need only ask to have this arranged.

Will You Need Coaches for Your Tasmania Visit?

We hope you’ll call on Coal River Coaches to help you out. Our expert local knowledge, competitive pricing and quality modern vehicles make us a well-known and well-respected transportation option. You’ll be able to get your group around Tasmania in style and comfort when you choose the coaches in Hobart that customers have trusted for well over 20 years.

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