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Discover Tasmania: Seniors Travel Day & Multi-Day Tours

Here you can see some of the current upcoming tours and travel that the Coal River Coaches travel club is undertaking or you can signup to our travel club newsletter further down the page. We look forward to travelling with you. 

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Tasmanian Seniors Travel – Travelling Tasmanian Roads with Professionalism

It is a sad fact that even with a variety of fast and effective communication methods available today, people can still become socially isolated. Sometimes it can be because of the loss of a life partner, sometimes it can be due to retirement but for whatever the reason there is now a service that is giving these people a new lease of life.

Coal River Coaches saw this need and now find that they have a fast-growing group of like-minded people who enjoy going out and having some fun and good times together.

Coal River Coaches Travel Club members enjoy a newsletter, tour options, awesome drivers and passenger camaraderie! The step-by-step booking system, Try Booking, allows selection of Travel Club tours and bookings which are confirmed once payment has been made.

The feedback that has been received from Coal River Coaches Travel Club Members has been encouraging. Coal River Coaches are chuffed to know that our tours and our friendly personalised service have put a smile on our customer’s faces.

Book Tasmanian Seniors & Retirees Local Day & Extended Tours 

Please check the trips in the columns above and select those you are interested in. Follow the Try Booking instructions to make a direct booking online. All Tasmanian travel club day tours need to be paid up front when booking | all Tasmanian travel club extended tours can be reserved with a deposit of 20% or determined figure that is listed on the booking page of the tour.

Your Membership in the club is 100% free | Call  (+61) 03 6272 2645

Tasmanian Travel Club Day Tours from Hobart   

Tasmanian Travel Club Extended Tours 

Our Tasmanian seniors travel club member benefits

  • all of our tours are fully escorted from Hobart
  • a newsletter that helps members stay current & up to date with our offerings
  • we always have a Christmas Party for all members to come along & mingle & have a bit of fun
  • we provide members morning teas & yearly program launches
  • we are personal and want to get to know our members. We are always available for a quick call or tea & biscuit if needed at our office
  • we offer professionally guided Australian interstate experiences & tours for active retirees
  • we can pick you up from multiple locations around Hobart
  • we have a premium range of Tasmanian Day Tours & Experiences for you to enjoy

Where we day tour to: Tasmanian Examples

  • Festivale – Tasmanian Wine & Food Festival in Launceston
  • Evandale Village Fair & National Penny Farthing Championships
  • Port Arthur & Coal Mines Historic Sites

  • Derwent Valley Autumn Festival
  • Agfest Event
  • Orford Convict Trail
  • Liawenne & Great Lake

  • Mystery Day
  • Bruny Island
  • Stanley & Smithton

  • Hawthorne Lodge
  • Christmas in July
  • and many many more – call or drop in to find out more

Where we multi-day tour to outside of Tasmania

  • King Island
  • Norfolk Island
  • Melbourne & Phillip Island
  • Outback Loop
  • Perth Wildflowers

Tasmanian Seniors Travel Club: Book Online Here!

Please check the trips in the column below and select those you are interested in. Follow the Try Booking instructions to make a direct booking online.

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